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human fly

my list

this isn't completed yet 'cause i'm lazy. and it doesn't include mp3s, LPs or 7"s ('cause i can't tape 'em) which leaves out a lot, but you get the idea.

against me! - reinventing axl rose, as the eternal cowboy
alkaline trio - s/t, godamnit, maybe i'll catch fire, from here to infirmary, good mourning, split w/ one man army
alternative tentacles - not so quiet on the western front (comp)
american steel - jagged thoughts
andrew w.k. - i get wet
the ataris - look foward to failure, blue skies...
beastie boys - licensed to ill, check your head, paul's boutique, ill communication, hello nasty
bad brains - s/t
beck - odelay
bigwig - stay asleep
blink-182 - buddha, cheshire cat, dude ranch, enema of the state; the mark, tom and travis show; take off your pants and jacket, s/t, pathetic in paris, live in australia (04/03/99)
bob marley & the wailers - legend
the boss - born in the usa
bouncing souls - how i spent my summer vacation; the good, the bad and the out of print
boxcar racer - s/t
bright eyes - a collection of songs, fevers & mirrors, every day and every night, the story's in the soil keep your ear to the ground/lifted
built to spill - keep it like a secret
buzzcocks - small songs w/ big hearts / beating hearts
the clash - london calling, from here to eternity, the essential clash
cometbus - down in front comp
common rider - this is unity music
the cure - standing on a beach
cursive - the ugly organ
dashboard confessional - swiss army romance, places you have come to fear the most, so impossible ep
dead kennedys - plastic surgery disasters, in god we trust inc., mutiny on the bay
desaparecidos - read music speak spanish
descendents - milo goes to college, everything sucks, somery, live plus one, cool to be you
dischord - year in 7"s '81 (minor threat,teen idles,soa,youth brigade,g.i.)
the donnas - turn 21
dr.frank - show business is my life
elliot smith - s/t
even in blackouts - myths & imaginary magicians
fenix*tx -
finch - what it is to burn
the frustrators - achtung jackass
further seems forever - the moon is down
the get up kids - something to write home about
g.g. allin - singles collection
good clean fun - positivly positive 1997 - 2002
the good life - black out, novena on a nocturn
goo goo dolls - s/t, jed, hold me up, superstar carwash, a boy named goo, dizzy up the girl
gorilla biscuits - start today
green day - 39/smooth, kerplunk, dookie, nimrod, insomniac, warning
homage - (a descendents tribute cd)
husking bee - put on fresh paint
incubus - s.c.i.e.n.c.e
jawbreaker - unfun, etc.
j-church - altamont '99
jeff ott - will work for diapers
jimmy eat world - bleed american
joe strummer & the mescaleros - streetcore
lagwagon - hoss, let's talk about feelings
lifetime - jersey's best dancers
the minute men - double nickles on the dime
misfits - walk among us, static age, the boxset (i have everything they recorded with danzig and nothing they recorded w/out him)
the mister t experience - nightshift at the thrill factory, alcatraz, and the women who love them, big black bugs bleed blue blood, everyone's entitled to their own opinion
the network - money money 2020
new found glory - nothing gold can stay, stereo
nirvana - bleach, in utero, nevermind, unplugged in ny
no doubt - tragic kingdom, return of saturn
nofx - punk in drublic, the war or errorism
operation ivy - s/t
pearl jam - ten
piebald - barely legal & all ages
pinhead gunpowder - shoot the moon
pixies - doolittle
plow united - s/t, from the dustbin of history
pogues - if i should fall from grace with god, hell's ditch
propagandhi - less talk, more rock
public enemy - it takes a nation...
quasi - featuring "birds"
the queers - don't back down, rocket to russia
radiohead - the bends
rancid - life won't wait, and out come the wolves
raooul - jail-bait core / skinned teen bazooka smooth! (split)
reggie & the full effect - promotional copy
richard hell - time
rise against - revolutions per minute
riverdales - storm the streets
saddle creek - 50 comp
saves the day - can't slow down, i'm sorry i'm leaving, through being cool, stay what you are
screeching weasel - my brain hurts, how to make enemies & irritate people, kill the musicians, emo, thank you very little
sex pistols - nevermind the bollocks...
shotwell - geneva avenue fallout / miami the city that never sleeps (split)
simon & garfunkel - old friends (3 disc box set)
sludgeworth - losers of the year
smashing pumpkins - siamese dream
the smiths - "singles"
social distortion - mommy's little monster
soophie nun squad - the devil, the metal, the big booty beats
strike anywhere - exit english
super hi-five - strength control action
sweet baby - split w/ brent's t.v.
taking back sunday - tell all your friends
thrice - identity crisis
tom waits - bone machine
trapdoor fucking exit - s/t
us maple -acre thrills
the vandals - fear of a punk planet, look what i almost stepped in, sweatin' to the oldies
vendetta red - between the never and the now
the violent femms - viva wisconsin
weezer - blue, pinkerton, maladroit
the white stripes - white blood cells
youth brigade - sink with kalifornia
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