Lucy (bitterdenial) wrote in tapetrade,

wanna trade?

all american rejects
ani- so much shouting so much laughter, not so soft
atreyu- suicide notes butterfly kisses
bjork- vespertine
brand new- your favorite weapon, deja entendu
Coheed and Cambira- the second stage tribune
counting crows-across a wire
death cab- trans
dismemberment plan- emergency and i
donnas- american teenage rock and roll machine, get skintight, turn 21
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind original soundtrack
fiona apple- when the pawn
franz ferdinand- self titled
her handwriting
lilith fair
might might bostones
moby- play
my chemical romance
oasis- whats the story morning glory
pedro the lion
pretty girls make graves- new romance
radio head- pable honey
save ferris- modified, it means everything
Sleater-Kinney- all hands on the bad one, dig me out, one beat
smashing pumpkins- adore
star light mints- the dream that stuff was made for
Star Sailor- love is here
stone temple pilots
suicide machines
system of a down
the anniversary- your majesty
the dears- end of a hollywood day
the postal service
the promise ring- nothing feels good
the rocket summer
the rocking horse winner-horizon
the stills- logic will break your heart
travis-the man who
veruca salt
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eternal sunshine of the spotless mind original soundtrack
suicide machines

heres my list

-GiNGER ;p