free_fool (Liz) (free_fool) wrote in tapetrade,
free_fool (Liz)

"cuz what i want you can't fucking kill!" zwan

Hi. I'm a girl. I'll be a senior at Eugene Lang College in the fall. its in greewich village. I went there all last year (as a transfer), but I had to come home for the summer because I ran out of money. I hate it here (east end of LI) so much and I'm so bored. None of my friends are here. So Hi. :) a picture of me is on friendster, -dont ask to be added if I don't know you, please, thats just for the picture.

I like learning guitar, music, writing (I'm a fiction-writing major),poetry, being with friends... My new favorite band of the moment is Freezepop. The last band I went to see was As Tall as Lions, at the Downtown, because my friend played keyboard for them. I like guys and girls as friends and not as friends. I am cool, yes oh yes.
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